Ciao! Welcome to knitting in tuscany! Let the Tuscan countryside inspire you as we focus on relaxing and knitting during this week of workshops, delicious meals and time for renewal. Montisi is a medieval village full of magic. The Villa Maddalena, comfortable and cozy while boasting expansive rooms, views and old world charm, opens its doors onto the main village street, granting access to all the village has to offer:  great restaurants, light shopping, incredible views and friendly inhabitants. Learn more. . .


join us under the tuscan sun

Recent cancellations bring new openings for 2014. Spend some time knitting under the Tuscan sun:
• May 24-31: Two rooms
• May 31-Jun 7: One room
• Oct 11-18: One room

class table

2015 dates announced

Check your calendars and pick your dates.  We’ve reserved our space under the Tuscan sun for 2015:
• Oct 17-24
• Oct 24-31
Details to follow as we update the website. Contact us to be on notified in advance of registration opening so you can get the space you want.

dining out at Il Mondo

what do we do?

We knit as much as we want, including during the daily knitting workshop.  We eat wonderful food, dining both in and out.  We drink wine, if that’s our choice. We take walks, relax, knit and just breathe in the fresh air and beautiful views. We appreciate the medieval architecture during village tours and learn about olive oil and wine making.

two days into week two

The group from week 2 has arrived and settled in. The knitting project is underway and some are sure to get done in the next day or two. We are well fed, yet looking forward to our next meal.

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